Copper Forming Classes – 2015 and 2016


Class Size: one (1) … You and David on a one-on-one all day training session (long day)

Class Schedule: By mutual agreement … Sundays are David’s least favorite, all are negotiable

Class Price: $450

Class Level: Beginner to Advanced

Class Purpose: Tuned to the student, from complete novice to those with a specific project in mind.   We will not likely get finished with a significant sized project, but we can get you started and give you direction to completion.

What You Will Learn: Tools you will need, tools you will want and tools you may only dream about.  Also, methods of cutting, joining, shaping, forming, finishing and color processes.  This includes sources for chemicals, supplies, types of brazing rods used, why we braze and only sometimes weld or solder.  Plus a myriad of tiny details about simple tools, methods and secrets that David has discovered over the years.  It is a very full day of learning, plus, you will have fun!! … BTW lunch is included so that you will waste no time going out to find a restarant as few are close by.

Class Follow Up: Once you begin this process, David will help you along for as long as you have questions.  Some are still calling or emailing after several years and that is OK.  Although we get you very far along in one day, there are always new questions that pop up.  Call or email.

Registration: There is no official registration process.  Simply begin a dialog with us and we will work out the details as needed.

Overview of Recent Classes: Our new and less formal class program has already worked very nicely for several students.  One had a lighting project, another was tackling two gates, still another a table idea and one more, a very accomplished artist in his chosen field, wanted to add copper to his work.   More are already lining up for this year.  Please don't hesitate to start this process.  It is a challenging and energizing application of your time.  The majority of our students are people deciding that "retirement" is only a chance to refocus their talents into a new and more rewarding manner.  We love to have younger people come too.  Copper artisans are a diminishing breed and David hopes to arrest that trend or at least slow it down a bit.

Email with any and all questions... we have answers!

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